Our Bible lesson

Every term we have a new topic in RE and this term our topic is the Bible where we learn how to use it. Our task today was to look at the table that our teacher gave us, find the book in the Bible and look at the chapter and verse. We then had to read it and find the animal mentioned in it.

After that we had to name a story that is in the Old Testament, eg Noah’s Ark.

We then had to consider the statement ‘Christians believe that reading the bible can help you lead a better life’. We were then asked if we thought this was true, which we all do.

We were then asked which age group is most likely to read the Bible. We all have slightly different opinions. Some of us thought we would all read it, some of us thought that it was mostly adults and others thought we learnt about it as children and understood it more as adults.

Mia, Oscar and Eden
Year 5