Our class assembly

We practiced our assembly lots and lots. Mrs Marshall helped us paint our pictures ready to hold up in assembly. This morning we had our assembly and we were really nervous because we had to stand up and each of us had to say our lines.

First we welcomed everybody and said that this was our first year at school. Then we held up our pictures and said we are RO. We all helped Mrs O’Dwyer to write our assembly and hoped our parents enjoyed listening to all the new things we have learnt. We try to follow our Christian values through work and play and then we held up our values of hope, forgiveness, friendship, truth and love.

We talked about the true value of Christmas and we talked about all of us having a part in our nativity. We have learnt how to use phonics and read and write and we have learnt lots of new things through our topics. We can all count in Spanish and we know the names of colours in Spanish.

We then said prayers and sang a very special hymn about the wonderful things in our world. We hope everybody enjoyed our assembly and then we saw our mums and dads and we sat on the stage and they took pictures of us.

It was fun.

Class RO