Our Confirmation at St Paul’s Church

We had 6 weeks of lessons about confirmation and then we were asked if we would like to be confirmed.  We said we would because we thought all the stories about God were really special.  He‘s like a role model to Christians and He teaches us how to live and He looks after us like a father.

There were 32 of us being confirmed but there were three people being baptised first so we all watched the baptism.  Then we walked back to our places and we sang the hymn “Glory to God”.

We were called up to the front of the church in pairs and we knelt before the Bishop of Edmonton.  He said the special words to confirm us, placed his hands on our heads and marked the sign of the cross with oil on our foreheads.

After the service we went into the church hall and the Bishop gave us gifts which were letters on how to be a Christian, wooden crosses from the Holy Land and confirmation prayer books.

When we were confirmed we felt really happy.

Isabelle and Anastasia
Year 6