Our English lesson

This week we have read ’The Promise’.  It is about a girl who lives in a dull city.  She picks pockets because she is hungry and needs food and money.  One day she went down an alley and tried to steal a bag from a woman, but the woman held on to her bag tightly.  The woman told the girl that she could have the bag if she promised to plant what was in the bag.  The girl thinks it is money, but there are only acorns.  She thinks about it overnight but plants the acorns in the morning.  At first nothing happens and then some roots come out and then the plants grow and the city becomes bright and happy.  She goes to many other dull cities and plants the acorns and makes many cities bright and happy.  One day another girl tries to rob her, but she persuades her to plant acorns in dull cities and make them bright and happy as well.

The work that we did on this story was to write words on the whiteboard describing the girl’s thoughts.  We did a speech bubble and described the city and what she felt.  Firstly we wrote it out in rough and then copied it into our English books.

Today we have stuck a copy of a picture of the dull city in our books and we are using vocabulary to describe the city.  Also, each table has to create a verse of a poem and we will then put all the verses together from each of the tables to make a long poem.

We have enjoyed these English lessons because it’s not just about grammar and it’s really interesting.

Charlotte and Niall
Year 3