Our rounders lesson

Today we played rounders. Each class has 30 children and we have two teams with 15 of us on each side. We have a blue team and a red team. Today the weather was quite cold and it was drizzling but we still enjoyed it. Rounders is all about teamwork.

One team has the bowler and fielders and the other team take it in turn to bat. When we bat we have to hit the ball and then drop the bat, but most of us forget to do that! We then run round all four posts. If we get round we get one point. We can do it one post at a time, but we must make sure that we don’t overtake the person in front of us or we will both be out. We can also be out if the ball is caught.

We play two sports this half term – rounders and cricket. After half term we will be doing athletics.

Mia and Billy
Year 6