Our visit to the Toy Museum

We went to the Toy Museum yesterday.  We went on the coach and it took an hour.  When we got there a lady told us where everything was and put us into groups.  First of all we went to a workshop.  We played with toys and learnt how old they were and some more interesting facts.  We then made a doll.  We had a wooden peg and piece of fabric and we drew a face and hair.  We then put the cloth round the peg and fixed it with an elastic band.  We brought them back to school and we will take them home one day.

We then had lunch and afterwards we had to search for some toys in the museum.  We had to say what our favourite toy was and then draw a picture.  We saw lots of old toys made of wood, even a yo-yo.  Our favourite toys were the teddy bears and the giant robot.

Today we have written a thank you letter to the lady at the museum.

Xavier and Rhiannon
Year 1