Peter Pan

We were very excited in KS1 when we knew that we would be performing Peter Pan for our infant production, although we didn’t know that it would be a pantomime version.  We knew the story because we had seen it on TV.  We were asked which parts we would like to play and then we auditioned for them.  We were all happy with our parts and we were given a script. 

We knew what actions we had to do because they were written on the script next to the words that we were saying, although the teachers helped us a lot.  There were six scenes and most of us in Year 2 had lines to learn, but some of us had a lot of lines.  It took several weeks but we were lucky that we had half term to learn them in. 

We were given a piece of paper explaining what we needed to have for our costumes and our mums sorted them out.  We really enjoyed dressing up in our lovely costumes and having make-up painted on our faces. 

It helped us that we had seen the TV version of Peter Pan as we could understand the different voices and know how we should say the lines.  We really liked that it was a pantomime because we enjoyed hearing the audience laughing at us because some of the lines were really funny.  We were worried to begin with and we were nervous about going on stage and forgetting our lines, but we really enjoyed performing to the audience.  We feel that we’ve gained confidence and will be able to act in front of audiences in the future. 

Bruce, Dan, Isla, Jamie and Xavier
Year 2