Planting seeds in Science Week

In Reception we’ve been learning how to plant seeds.  We put a runner bean seed in a cup with soil.  Then we put water on them and we will watch them grow in the class.  When they’ve finished we can take them home.
Alex and Alice

In Year 2 we are planting a sunflower seed, a runner bean seed and a carrot seed.  First of all we had to crunch up the compost so that the baby carrots can grow because they can’t grow when the compost is in lumps.

We then filled the cups up with the compost until it was 4 cms from the top.  We then pushed the runner bean seed down 5 cms from the top of the compost and the sunflower seed and the carrot seed 2 cms from the top.  They have to be separate or they won’t grow.  We will water the pots later.

The seeds will start to grow in 2 weeks.  We will put them on display as it’s Science Week.  We will eventually take them home.
Anna, Amelie and Alexander
Year 2