Police officer’s visit to Year 4

Today a police officer called PC Louise came to talk to us about safety with fireworks. She told us that our parents should be the person lighting fireworks and they should stand an arm’s length away and we should watch them from still further away. Some fireworks can go up to 200 metres high but if they don’t appear to have caught alight at first, then we mustn’t go back to them in case they explode. At proper firework displays we would be told where to stand so that it is safe.

If we are playing with sparklers we should keep it at arm’s length and that we should wear gloves so that we don’t get burnt from a spark. She also told us not to carry fireworks in our pockets.

The police attend displays and they, the fire brigade and the ambulance service all work together to try and make fireworks safe for us. The police also try and find anybody who is being silly with fireworks and throwing them at people.

It was a very interesting talk and it was good to warn children from doing silly things.

Year 4