Police officer’s visit to Year 5

PC Louise talked to our year group about bullying. There are different types of bullying and she talked about bullying online which is called cyber bullying. She gave us some facts and figures on the whiteboard. Bullying happens mostly to people under 18.

Cyber bullying can make the person being bullied feel really unhappy and depressed as they believe that the bully is telling the truth. Some people might feel intimidated into doing something that they would not normally do and they can feel so depressed that they don’t want to leave the house and go to school. Some people who are bullied about their appearance can feel as though they want to commit suicide.

PC Louise told us that if we are bullied we should not be aggressive back as we might end up in trouble ourselves. Instead we should tell an adult and that should make it stop.

She talked about a game called ‘Fortnight’ and there’s a button to press if you feel you are being bullied. She asked if anybody playing on an X-box had experienced bullying, but thank goodness nobody had.

After the talk, she told us about her job. She used to be in police cars but now her job is to come into schools and talk to the pupils. Someone asked about what she carried in her bag and she explained she had pepper spray which would make a person stop what they were doing if they were up to no good. She also showed us her body camera which lit up when filming which would help protect her if she was being attacked.

The police officer’s talk was very informative and showed how important it was not to bully anybody as children’s lives could be horrible when they were grown up because they had been bullied when younger.

Elliot and Leila
Year 5