RO class assembly

We had our class assembly this week.  We welcomed everybody to our assembly and said that we have learnt new and exciting things in our first year at school and we would like to share them.  We have learnt how to worship and sing at school and at church and we sang our welcome song to everybody.

When we came to school we became part of a Christian community.  We talked about our school values which are forgiveness, truth, friendship, love, peace and hope.  We try to behave as Jesus would.  We all have bad days, but we must forgive and say sorry.  We had made some ‘I am’ pictures earlier in the year and we held them up for everybody to see.

We use lots of equipment to help us to learn.  We learn Spanish with Mr Arrugaeta and we said a few words in Spanish.  We love doing PE with Mrs Perrin even though it takes a long while change into our PE kit and we love singing with Mrs Smith.

We remember at Christmas when we all got up on the stage and played the story of when Jesus was born.  We will always remember our nativity play. Soon we will be going to Whipsnade which we are really looking forward to.

So you can see how busy we have been this year.  We would like to say thank you to all the clergy, staff and teachers who help us.

Then we said the school prayer and we sang the school hymn and at the end we thanked everybody for listening to our assembly.

Alexa and Martha
Class RO