School production



Our junior production this year is called “The Golden Ticket”, but it is actually the story of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. We were really pleased when we heard about it because we knew we would be getting some chocolate!

We auditioned for roles in the summer term. This was really nerve-wracking, especially if we were auditioning for a singing role as we had never sang solo in public before.

When we got our role, then we started worrying about learning the lines. We thought we could practice our lines over the summer holiday, but then we got to the end of the summer holidays and we thought where did the summer go as we haven’t learnt all our lines yet. But we’ve worked really hard and suddenly the performances are only a week away. It has now started to feel very real.

Each of the Year 6 classes do two performances where they play the speaking parts and whilst one class is doing the speaking parts, the other class are the choir. The speaking parts have been split up very fairly, eg there are two Willy Wonkas for each performance as it is such a major part, and some of us with less lines have two parts.

We love the play and the jokes are really good. We are looking forward to the actual performances, although we are now feeling a bit nervous, but also excited. We have gained so much from rehearsing for the production. Some of us felt a bit embarrassed about performing, but now we have gained in confidence.

We are very grateful to Miss Wicks, our director, and to all the staff who all have contributed, and to our parents who have provided our costumes and also helped in coaching us.

Enjoy the show!

Niamh and Peter
Year 6