Spring flower paintings 2019

Every year to celebrate Mother’s Day and spring, we have a painting competition which the whole school takes part in.  Our teachers buy some flowers and in our class we could choose to paint either a single flower or several flowers.  If more than one of us wanted to paint the same flower, we paired up so that we could both paint it.  First, we sketched it and then we painted it using water colour paint.  It took us a whole morning and then we were able to finish our painting in the afternoon if we needed more time. 

Four winners are picked – one each from Upper Key Stage 2, Lower Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1 and the Foundation Stage.  These children then get to present their mothers with a bouquet of flowers during a Friday assembly. 

All the paintings are mounted and displayed around the school.  It is such a lovely sight and visitors really like it when they come into school. 

We really enjoy taking part in this competition because we only get to do it once a year and it takes the place of more ordinary subjects, but we also learn a bit about the flowers that we are painting.  As we do this every year, we can see our progress and improvement in our art as we get more proficient and we feel that the experience we gain from this can help us in other areas. 

Ethan and Daisy
Year 6