St Paul’s Paper

When we were in Year 5, we were asked if we would like to think about branding a new school newspaper and when we came into Year 6 we started work on our first edition.  The teachers who work with us are Mr Timbrell and Mrs Tippett.

We meet most days in the Red Room and we brainstorm as to what we would like to put in the paper.  We decided the first edition is the School Production edition and we have included an interview with Mr Cummins who is directing the production together with Miss Wicks.  Mr Cummins talked about the difficulties of adapting the script for female Scrooges.  (Class 6T has male Scrooges and Class 6TN has female Scrooges.)  The paper also has a full cast list.

We are including news about the new house and sports captains and there is also a sports page which has news about recent matches.  We have included a riddle competition and we will be having various competitions on a regular basis.  We will be including interviews in the future and this edition we talked with the new ECO-Vengers.

We will also have a regular DIY page and in this edition there are instructions on making a snow globe.  We researched projects that make use of items that most of us would have access to and we have tested it to make sure that it works OK.

We are also including a feedback page as we would like to know if our readers are happy with the paper and whether they have any suggestions on things they would like us to add.  There will also be reviews by Mr Russell and Mrs Batsford.

We will be publishing at the end of each half term and our first issue will be available on 18th and 19thOctober.  It will be on sale at every exit from the school.  It is in colour and the current price is set at £1.

We are really enjoying producing the paper and we hope our readers will enjoy reading it.  We have lots of ideas for future editions.

Giselle, Jack and Jed
Year 6