St Paul’s School Production

We’ve had the most wonderful time performing in our production which was called ‘Scrooge’.

At the end of last term whilst we were still in Year 5, we were told about the play and we were given some scenes from the script.  We then auditioned for several parts and then Mr Cummins let us know which part we were going to play.  We received our scripts so that we could learn our parts over the summer holidays.

At the beginning of this term, we started work on the play.  We were told about the costumes we needed and for homework we had to design posters and write our biography and these are on display in the entrance hall.

There were four performances.  Each of the Year 6 classes had two performances where we were acting in the play and for the other two we were in the choir.  We had to learn 12 songs by heart which was quite difficult as we had to learn our lines for the play as well.

We had a walk-through and then two full dress rehearsals where we had to wear our costumes and our make-up.

Then we were ready for the full performance.  It was very nerve wracking before the curtains opened and our hearts were beating very fast, but once we were on the stage, we were fine.  We could see our parents in the audience, but we were not allowed to wave at them.

Our parents must have enjoyed the performances as we received a standing ovation.  One of our parents said that it was great on the first night but it was amazing on the second night.

We would like to thank all the staff involved in the show, in particular Mr Cummins, who directed it and who worked on the script during his holiday time and put in the jokes, Miss Wicks who helped us with our lines and our projection and Mrs Smith who taught us the songs and accompanied us.

A video was made of the show so that we can keep the memory and also so that our relatives and friends who were not able to come to the production can see it.

It was an amazing experience and we would love to do it all over again if we could.

Alice, Josh and Katie
Year 6