School is now closed for the summer holidays. We hope you have a safe and relaxing break. Children return to school on Monday, 7th September 2020.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

St Paul’s is receiving guidance from the Department of Health and Public Health England and we are planning accordingly.  Current advice and any significant updates will be communicated via ParentLink.

Please visit our School Closure Resources tab where you can access the drop down menu for Home Learning.

Terms of Office and Responsibilities

St Paul’s CE Primary School

Governors Terms of Office and Responsibilities

Name  Governor Type   Term of Office   Committee Responsibilities  
Jill Ashcroft PCC 1.09.17 to 31.08.21 Admission, Finance & Premises
Suzanne Batsford Associate 1.09.19 to 31.08.23 All Interim Headteacher
Revd. Stephen Coleman Co-opted 12.07.17 to 11.07.21 Admissions & Curriculum Safeguarding
Jon Daniels Parent 15.10.16 to 14.10.20 Curriculum, Finance & Premises
Paul Edwards LDBS 1.09.19 to 31.08.23 Admissions,  Staffing & St Paul’s Trust Vice Chair, Chair of Staffing
Jeff Hammer LDBS 1.09.19 to 31.08.23 Admissions & Curriculum
Tas Kyprianou LA 1.09.18 to 31.08.22 Curriculum & Staffing
Sarah Lawrence PCC 1.09.18 to 31.08.22 Admissions, Finance & Premises, Staffing, St Paul’s Trust Chair of Governors
Chair of Admissions
Dean Mansfield Parent 15.10.16 to 14.10.20 Curriculum Chair of Curriculum
Barry McNee LDBS 1.09.17 to 31.08.21 Finance & Premises Chair of Finance & Premises
David Nutting Enfield Deanery 23.10.18 to 22.10.22 Finance & Premises, St Paul’s Trust Treasurer
Athena Patsalis Staff 1.09.17 to 31.08.21 Curriculum, Finance & Premises
Jennifer Sabendran Enfield Deanery 1.09.17 to 31.08.21 Curriculum & School Activities, Staffing
Revd. Daniel Sandham Ex  officio Admissions, Staffing & St Paul’s Trust