The Extra Club

We really like going to the Extra Club because we get to play and spend time with friends that we don’t see in class and we are able to make friends with children from different classes and years.  It’s a great time to relax after the hard work that we have been doing in lesson time. 

There are three rooms: the red room, also called the poppy room, the yellow room (daffodil) and the blue room (bluebell).  We go there after school and first Mrs Izzet takes the register and then we order the tea that we would like.  We have a really big choice and includes different types of sandwiches, toast and fresh fruit. 

After we have eaten, we do some homework and then we can watch TV, play on the computers, do some colouring or crafts, play games or do quizzes.  We have just recently have a Christmas quiz and a Disney quiz.  The Reception year like to watch Squashbuckle on the TV in the red room and either CCBC or CITV are on in the other two rooms.  Last summer we were able to watch the World Cup on the television if we wanted. 

In the summer we get to play outside and sometimes we have picnics and play with space hoppers or big soft balls.  We can also play football and this is great fun as the staff sometimes join in.  Also we get ice-pops which we all really like. 

The Extra Club also takes place before school and we get breakfast.  We can have cereal and yoghurts, juice or hot chocolate and bagels.  It’s very nice. 

We love going to the Extra Club and when our parents come to pick us up in the afternoon we really don’t want to leave and we can’t wait for our next session. 

Ariana and Pedro
Year 5