The rich curriculum of Year 6

We cover many subjects in our curriculum and this term we have been learning about World War 2 which is a cross curricular project involving history, English and PSHE.

The PSHE aspect was on human rights. Men went out to work in the armed services and but women stayed at home and worked in factories making things like bombs, so instead of just being housewives they became workers.

We also learnt about the holocaust where the Jewish people were made into scapegoats so that everything that was wrong in Germany could be blamed onto them and 6 million Jews were killed.

The Germans also killed Jews in the other countries in Europe that they invaded. We learnt about Anne Frank who lived in the Netherland and hid from the Germans. She kept a diary, but she and her family were captured and were all killed except her father, Otto. He decided to share her diary with the world so that everybody would know what had been happening.

The book called “Goodnight Mr Tom” is about a boy who was evacuated from London to the country and is taken in by Thomas Oakley who originally didn’t want to take in any evacuated children, but who learns to love him. We’ve learnt quite a lot about children being evacuated and also about the Kinder Transport where Jewish children were rescued from Europe to be looked after in England.

We’ve also been on a school trip to RAF Hendon. It was full of planes that had been in the war, both English and German, and there were also some old cars. We took part in a classroom experience where the desks had lids which opened as well as inkwells. We wrote our evacuee cards using the old fashioned pens and ink. The teacher was quite scary and when the siren went off we had to hide under our desks. We watched two short films, one on the bouncing bomb and the other was on the blitz and the Battle of Britain. At night when there was an air raid the people had to go into shelters for safety. The blitz lasted for 57 nights so the people didn’t get any sleep and were really tired.

We have also done an assembly on World War 2. We spoke about when Hitler came into power he started to build up his armed forces and take over other countries, but Britain didn’t want to get involved in a war. However, when he started to take over Poland, the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, went to Munich to sign a treaty to stop him. But Hitler betrayed the agreement, invaded Poland, and so war was declared.

The children were evacuated, but because nothing happened, the children went back home. This was called the phoney war. But then the war really started and the children were evacuated again. We talked about Winston Churchill who gave speeches to give hope to the people. In class, we had written letters to our mothers pretending to be evacuees, and we read one of these out in the assembly.

We are really enjoying our work on World War 2 and the impact that it had on people’s lives and on the world. It is really important that everybody knows about what happened so that it never happens again.  It has made us think a lot and we are so lucky that we did not have to live during this period of history.

Gian Luc and Ted
Year 6