The school fete

Every year the Friends of St Paul’s School organise a fete to raise money for the school. This year the money raised will go towards buying a class set of laptops. Our parents spend a lot of time organising the fete and they have many meetings after we’ve gone to bed. The FOSPS chair is Mrs Mansfield and the Fete chair is Mrs Ryder and lots of parents are involved in running the stalls, setting up and putting everything away again.

The fete is great fun. There’s lots of stalls and activities. There’s pony rides and football games and a very popular activity is the bungee trampoline where we can do back flips. The tea cup ride is back this year which we are thrilled about.

The dads run a barbecue and so lots of people have hamburgers and hot dogs for their lunch. There’s also lots of other refreshment stalls.

There’s a Lego Challenge where we are given a bowl of Lego and we have to make a model in 60 seconds. At the end of the day the best model wins a prize of a set of Lego.  Another competition that we have is Bake Off where we bring in cakes that we have made – delicious.

Every year there is a pageant where each year group performs a dance. This year the theme is ‘Life is better when you dance’. Our year is doing a street dance. Every child wears a costume and our year are wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

We love the fete and we are really grateful to our parents for all the work they do for it.

Annabelle and Henry
Year 4