The School Newspaper

We published our first issue last Christmas – the Christmas issue.  We were a team of four, the Editor (who also covered sports), the Features Editor, the Designer and the Creative Editor.

Our headline was about the Christmas activities in school and the paper included articles about sport during the term, Christmas decorations and the Christmas Fayre, which had raised over £10,000.  We also included puzzles plus a recipe for Christmas cookies which our Creative Editor had tested.

It was really hard work.  We had a meeting every week and had deadlines to meet, although we were still finishing work on the paper on the very last day before publication.

We are now preparing our next issue, which we hope this time will be in colour.  We are the same team but we have recruited two helpers from Year 5.  Our chosen theme is ‘The Arts’ which ties in with Arts Week.  We will have articles on drama, music and painting.  We will have posters in the paper and we will have puzzles again.  We are composing questions which our Year 5 helpers will ask the staff and their answers will also be included in this issue.

We sell the newspaper for £1 and we raised £100 for the Christmas issue.  Our teachers will decide how this money will be spent but we will give them our ideas.

We hope the next issue will be finished by Monday 6 February and be on sale on Thursday 8 February.

We really enjoy working on our newspaper and we do most of the work either in breaks or at home.  When the deadline approaches we may be given a little time out of class.

Charlie, Jacob, Mia and Timi
Year 6