The ‘Tennisathon’

Last Thursday we held a ‘tennisathon’ which was to raise money to buy a sports wheelchair for one of the children in Year 6.  He loves sport and plays at the David Lloyd Centre most Saturdays and he needs a sports wheelchair for his tennis sessions.

The tennisathon started at 9.15 am and went on all day.  Years 5 and 6 took part.  We were divided into 10 groups and some helpers set up different activities in the morning and in the afternoon.  One activity was to see who could balance a tennis ball on the racquet the longest, another activity was like Stuck in the Mud as well as different games where we had tennis rallies.

The winning team received some items from Wimbledon and all of us got a Wimbledon sticker.

We were really lucky with the weather, which was perfect, we had a great time and we are well on the way to reaching our aim of £3,000.

JP and Ruby
Year 6