Visit to a Spanish restaurant

As part of Spanish week, we visited a Spanish restaurant in Southgate.  Every week we watch an interactive TV programme called Ma Vida Loca and one of the sessions was on going to a restaurant which helped prepare us for our visit.  We also had a lesson on how to order food in a Spanish restaurant.

We walked to La Paella which is an old type of restaurant decorated with lots of nice different pots.  A man told us all about what we were going to eat.  First we had to order our drinks in Spanish.  Then we had tapas: battered anchovies with salad, bread, a vegetarian version of paella, tortilla and calamari which we loved.  The squid was chewy but the outside was crispy.  We had albondigas, which is meat balls, patatas bravas, which are small chunks of potatoes with spicy sauce, and alubias which is a bean, chicken and vegetable soup.  Afterwards we had churros which we dunked into a glass of melted chocolate.  At the end of this we were very full.  We loved all the food, but alubias was probably our least favourite.

We then said our thank yous and walked back to school.  We really enjoyed our visit.

Isabelle and Tom
Year 6