Visit of PC Doris

PC Doris visited us today and talked to us all in different groups.  She talked to us in Year 6 about keeping ourselves safe and told us that there is a new Green Cross Code which is called ‘Think, stop, look and listen’.

We talked about safety in the different ways of coming to school.  If we walk, we must be careful not to be looking at our phones and not to wear headphones so we can hear what’s going on around us.

If we come to school on a bike we must wear a helmet and she told us it’s not cool not to wear a helmet because if we fell off we could really hurt our heads.  We should also wear elbow pads and have a light on our bikes.  We should also wear a helmet if we come to school on a scooter.

If we come to school in a car, we mustn’t distract the driver and we should not tuck our seat belt under our arm but it should be across the front of our body to protect our heart.

We learnt a lot from PC Doris about keeping ourselves safe.

Maya and Ruby
Year 6


If you are lost PC Doris will find you.

PC Doris wore a hat because she is a police officer.

Amelie and Maya