Visit to St Paul’s Cathedral

A group of us visited St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday.  We travelled up on the train and as we came out of Moorgate Station the City of London was revealed to us.  We walked towards the Cathedral and we passed the gate to the City of London. 

When we went into the Cathedral, we felt really small as the building is so big with enormous stone columns.  We took part in a service when our school and community were prayed for.  We then received a blessing and afterwards we walked round the Cathedral. 

We saw the paintings on the walls and we went down into the Crypt to look at the gravestones of many famous historical people.  Father Stephen told us about how the Cathedral was burnt down in the fire of London and how Christopher Wren had designed the new building, including the dome using a new kind of structure never before tried.  We saw the whispering gallery and saw people whispering, but we couldn’t hear them from where we were standing. 

Today, we have been writing about our visit.  We have written about Florence Nightingale, who is buried in the Cathedral, we have written about the painting called “Light of the World”, which is about letting Jesus into our hearts, and we have written about Nelson, who died from a wound but had said he didn’t want to be buried at sea but wanted to be buried in the Cathedral. 

We really liked the day because it made us feel really happy and we liked looking at the ceiling and at the pictures.  Bishop Rob is visiting us tomorrow and we hope that he likes our work on our visit which will be on display.

Anna, Charlie, Douglas, Ethan, Florence, Jack, Mia and Reuben
Years 3, 4, 5 and 6