Visit to the food bank


Ten of us recently visited the North Enfield food bank. We supported this food bank at Harvest Festival and we sent 417.65 kg of food there this year.

We met the manager, Kelly, who showed us all round the warehouse where the food is stored. There are sections for each type of food and they also stock toiletries and things like nappies.

Kelly told us all about the history of food banks. It started from a shed in someone’s garden giving out food to those who needed it and now it has spread throughout the country. There are 500 workers who are all volunteers, but the managers are paid. We talked to some of the volunteers and they told us that the best bit was going home knowing they have helped someone.

The food is all donated and sell-by dates are all checked. Warburtons deliver bread to them twice a week and there are collections in many supermarkets. We actually packed a crate ready to be given to someone who needed it.

The people that are helped must have been given a voucher by a charity. On their first visit a checklist is made of any allergies, likes, dislikes, cooking facilities etc. The volunteers also chat with these people and they check how the food is getting home in order that they can it can be packed in the most suitable bags.

We are grateful for the opportunity we were given to visit the food bank. It has made us realise how lucky we are and some of us intend to become volunteers when we are old enough.

Anna and Archie
Year 6