Visit to West Stow

Last week we visited West Stow Anglo Saxon village. When we arrived we went into the museum and we looked at different Anglo-Saxon things. We tried on costumes, we touched bear fur and we held half an axe which had been found. We saw pottery, jewellery and a Sutton Hoo helmet which was in a case. A lady showed us some tools and we were told how the Saxons kept the village clean, how they were dressed and how they lived their lives. We were shown a clip on how the houses were built and how they were spread apart so that fire couldn’t spread.

After lunch we went outside and saw all the houses and we were told to look for Anglo-Saxon things in the ground. Some of us found flint and some found pottery. We saw some pigs called Basil and Sally. Afterwards we were called into the Great Hall and we discussed what we had seen and found.

We thought our visit was amazing, interesting, exciting and enjoyable.

Julian and Summer
Year 4