WE Walk for Water

WE is an international organisation that aims to help improve lives in developing nations through providing access to education, health, food, water and opportunity and we raise funds for this every year.

One of the ways that WE attempts to improve conditions is to provide a well for communities. Woman and girls can walk up to 7 miles every day just to get water for their families, and girls under 15 are more likely to be carrying the water. Because of the time it takes every day, these girls are missing out on their schooling. In addition, the water can be contaminated and many thousands of children die because they drink this contaminated water. Also children miss out on their schooling because they become ill through drinking contaminated water.

As a school we decided to get involved with the WE Walk for Water campaign. We all walked round the school for up to 18 laps, which is nothing like as far as some of these children who can be as young as 5 years old as they have to do this several times each day. For us to have a more realistic experience, we did not have anything to drink ourselves whilst we were walking as the children in these developing countries who are carrying the really heavy load of water on their heads or backs in the boiling heat are not able to drink on their way back home. We each brought in to school at least £2 and we hope that this money will go a long way to building a well in a village.

We feel really lucky that we do not have to struggle to get water. We were pleased that we did the walk because it will help these children and we will have made a difference.

Hannah and Mabel
Year 6