Y3 Class assembly

Last week we had our class assembly.  We welcomed everybody and said that we were going to delve into some horrible interesting history about the stone age.  We talked about hunter gatherers and then we did a fashion show with two of us modelling stone age clothes and two presenters talking about them.

Then we did a sketch on a stone age Master Chef on food which people ate in those days.  There were two contestants and two judges.  Fish, a woolly mammoth, a squirrel and some berries were cooked.  The judges tasted the food the contestants had cooked and liked the squirrel which was cooked rare, but didn’t like the fish which they thought was over-cooked.  They then tasted the berries, which poisoned them as they were deadly nightshade and then they collapsed.

Everybody in the audience laughed because the acting was really funny.

We then talked about Stonehenge and diseases.  Apparently they drilled holes in the head to cure head aches.  We read a poem which talked about the various times in the stone age and how people lived in these different times.

We then sang a song which was a stone age version of ‘We will rock you’.

We said a prayer and then we thanked everybody for watching and we finished off saying


When we first started our assembly we were really worried about it, but then we got our lines right and Miss Wicks didn’t have to prompt any of us which made us feel happy.

We learnt a lot and if we had another assembly in the future we wouldn’t be so worried.  We think everyone did well and they should be really proud of themselves.

Kristian and Lailah
Year 3