Y3 visit to St Paul’s Cathedral



Last week we went on a school trip to St Paul’s Cathedral. Some ladies talked to us about how many cathedrals had been built where St Paul’s is now standing – there have been 5. The first three were churches and then a cathedral was built, but it was burnt down in the Great Fire of London in 1666.

None of the previous buildings had domes – this is the first one.

We went into the cathedral and we went down some stairs. On the floor was a big star. Then we looked up and saw a spiral staircase. We were told that the stairs had a lot of history. Harry Potter and Paddington were filmed there. When we looked up and turned our heads, it looked as though the stairs were spinning.

One of the reasons for our visit was to learn how the cathedral was built. We touched a pillar which was actually made of stone, but it was very smooth. We were then taught about how arches are made. Some wooden blocks were placed over a small wooden arch and when the wooden blocks were all in place, the small wooden arch was removed and the wooden blocks all stayed in place and formed an arch. This was very clever.

The last thing we did was light a candle to thank St Paul for the lovely building for people to look at.

We really liked the trip because we learnt a lot especially about how St Paul’s Cathedral was built. We think that Jesus must be really pleased about how much time Christopher Wren spent thinking about how to build the cathedral for people to enjoy.

Finn and Grace
Year 3