Y3 visit to the London Museum

Last Friday we visited the British Museum. We went on the train which is unusual as we usually go on our visits on a coach.

When we got to the Museum, we were split into different groups. There were other schools there and we watched a video about mummification. Originally the dead were just buried under the sand, then they were put in boxes and buried in the sand. Then rich people and pharaohs had their bodies mummified and pyramids were built to house them. Their belongings and pets which were also mummified were buried with them.

We were told that scientists have done cat scans on the mummies so they can see the different positions they were in when they were buried.

The pyramids were built near the River Nile as were the houses so they could be near the water. We learnt that if you leave grapes in the sun, the water leaves the grapes and the fruit turns into raisins.

We also learnt about some Egyptian gods. They were drawn with heads of animals or birds which represented the power of the gods. The god of mummification had the head of a jackal and the god of childbirth had the head of a crocodile. These were drawn on paintings which were found in the pyramids.

We actually saw some mummies and we did a worksheet on them. The visit was great fun and very interesting. We learnt a lot.

Charlie and Mia
Year 3