Y4 music lessons

We were all really excited to be learning a musical instrument.  On the first lesson, Mrs Smith handed each of us either a clarinet or a trumpet and to begin with the lessons for each instrument were held in separate rooms.

First of all we had to learn how to put our instruments together as they come in separate pieces, and also we’ve had to learn how to blow into them.  The first note we learnt was E as this is the easiest, but now we can play D and C.  C is our favourite note.

After a few lessons, we all joined together in the drama studio and at the beginning of each lesson we do a Hello Echo exercise where we copy Mrs Smith tapping out a beat with our hands and then we repeat the beat with our instrument.

We’ve learnt five tunes so far: Glory, Caterpillar bye bye, B A Dood, Funky three notes and Mary had a little lamb.

Miss Roberts is one of our music teachers and she and Mrs Smith simplify the music which makes it fun.  Some of us already learn an instrument, which does give us a bit of a head start.

We’re getting on really well now and all managing to keep in time and hit the right notes.  It’s great to have the two instruments which makes it sound a bit more like an orchestra.  One day we will be giving a concert for our parents.

We’re enjoying our lessons very much and we are very grateful to the Friends of St Paul’s School for paying for them.

Evelyn and Harry
Year 4