Y4 visit to the Anglo Saxon Village

When we visited the Anglo Saxon Village, the first place we went into was the museum.  We looked around and some of us dressed up in the clothes that Anglo Saxons would have worn.  There were boards around with words that the Anglo Saxons used and their translations.  For example ‘falk’ was pronounced ‘folk’ and meant ‘people’.  We looked at many things including their jewellery, the horns that they used to drink out of and a toiletry set which included a nail file.

After lunch we then went into the village and looked inside some of the houses.  The village was reconstructed on the actual site of an Anglo Saxon village, but because the houses were originally mostly built of wood, the wood had rotted away and all that was left were the post holes.

The reconstructed houses were all thatched.  The biggest house was called the hall, but we also went into the farmer’s house and a workshop.  The workshop contained an upstairs storage area and there were looms and a weaving board.  We were asked which house we would prefer to live in and many of us chose the hall as it had furniture and a fireplace in it.  It also had wattle and daub walls.  The biggest danger to the houses was fire because they were made of wood and thatch.

There were also pigs in the village which were the same type of pigs that the Anglo Saxons would have had.

Our visit was interesting and exciting as we got to see how people lived all those years ago.  Their jewellery and clothes were so different to ours.  But we are very glad that we live in our houses and not in the sort of houses that the Anglo Saxons lived in.

Ella and Isaac
Year 4