Y4 visit to the V & A Museum

We are learning about Islam this term and this week we visited an exhibition of Islamic art at the V & A Museum.  Islamic patterns do not include animals, people or God and there are only three or four colours in each pattern.  They are of flowers and other nature things.

We looked at a very big carpet which is 600 years old and it is protected by glass.  There are dimmed lights over it which are only turned on twice an hour to preserve it as the lights can cause the colours to fade.  We all knelt around the carpet and looked at the patterns on it.

We saw many exhibits including a big chimney which was basically white but had patterns of flowers and berries on it, the Qur’an written in Arabic, which was displayed in a glass case, information about some of the patterns and a timeline of the development of Islamic Art.

We were given a worksheet and we sketched some of the Islamic art, including the chimney and the carpet and we also had to create our own pattern and then draw a reflection of it.

We really enjoyed the visit as we like Islamic art, the patterns are interesting and we don’t often see Arabic writing.

Andreas and Magdalena
Year 4