Y5 Greek Day

Today we had a Greek day and we started off by saying to our teacher good morning in Greek.

As the Olympics started in Greece, we held our very own Year 5 Olympics.  We had an opening ceremony and we danced and sang and then we had our sporting competition: sprint, long jump, javelin and shot put.  The winning house had to show friendship, teamwork, effort and motivation. One of the reasons that Ringwood won was that they had congratulated everyone when they won their race.

We then came back indoors and made headbands and bracelets to look like olive wreaths which we wore for the rest of the day.  Greece is where democracy started, so this afternoon we voted for our representative on the School Council.

Then we went down to the hall and learnt Greek dancing.  The boys did a traditional dance and the girls learnt a wedding dance.  Finally, we had a buffet which was all Greek food.  We had each brought different things in to school so we were able to taste all sorts of different food.

It was a joyous day where we were able to share a different culture.  Some of us did things that we had never experienced before.  We are really grateful that the teachers decided to run a Greek day and to join in as well.

Andrea-Sofia, Charlie, Jessica and Poppy
Year 5