Y5 visit to the Hindu Temple, Neasden


We are learning about Hinduism at the moment and we visited the Hindu Temple at Neasden. When we entered the Temple, we had to take our shoes off, which is to show respect. We met our tour guide who took us to a big room and showed us a video of how the temple was created. Based on Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s vision, the temple took many years to build. The marble was imported from Italy and was carved by 3,000 volunteers in India and then shipped to England.

We went to an exhibition on Hindu gods in the Temple. Brahma is the supreme god, but Hindus believe that he comes in the form of many gods. Every Hindu god is different and we were given a question and answer sheet so that we could learn more about these gods, including Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna.

We then watched a prayer service. Boys and girls had to sit in separate parts of the room and because they hold these services five times a day, the service was only 8 minutes long. We then looked around the room, looking at the beautiful carvings and pictures. We then went back to the room where we started for a question and answer session. We were also taught how to chant the Om to focus on the gods and the world.

There are many symbols associated with Hinduism and as part of our project we have each chosen one of these symbols which we have drawn out and which will eventually be made into batik. The designs include the Om, the lotus flower, the Hindu swastika and the Trident elephant.

The whole project on Hinduism has been really interesting. We have learnt many things including how Hindus wave their hands over flames and then over their heads which they believe keeps evil away. They have many ceremonies including Puja and another symbol is the Tilak which is a red dot placed on the forehead. We also thought the temple was very beautiful and we very much enjoyed our visit.

Amelie, Hannah and Joseph
Year 5