Y6 First Aid

Yesterday, we had a lady from the Red Cross come and give us a lesson on first aid.

First of all we saw a video of a man on a train who had fainted and we were asked how we would react to the situation – how much would we have been able to do and how much would we have wanted to do.

Then we were given cards with different situations, including bleeding from an accident, an allergy or asthma attack, a head injury and choking and asked what we thought we should do in these situations. We were then shown a video on what we should do.

Then we were taught how to do CPR on a person who had stopped breathing. We all had a go at doing chest compressions on Resusci Annie to the song ‘Staying Alive’.

Our first aid lesson taught us lots and through active learning we feel we have confidence to help in some situations in the future should people fall ill.

Harry and Ruby
Year 6