Year 2 visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum

We visited the Museum yesterday (Tuesday) and we went on the coach up to London. First of all we went into some gardens near St Thomas’s Hospital where there is a statue of Mary Seacole who was also a nurse in the Crimea, and we sketched her. Then we went for a little walk and we had lunch in a picnic area and looked over the river at the Houses of Parliament.

When we had finished lunch, we went into the Museum and met a lady who was dressed up as Florence Nightingale. We went into a room and we shut our eyes, stamped our feet, waved our hands and when we opened our eyes we had time-travelled to Florence Nightingale’s house. There was a hologram which made us feel as if we were actually in the room.

Florence’s parents and sister came in and Florence told them that she wanted to be a nurse. They were furious and it was really funny – her father threw his newspaper into the fire and her mother threw a cup across the room.

We were then divided into four groups and went into different rooms doing different activities. One group was packing a bag for the Crimean war and smelling spices. Another group learnt about Florence’s pet owl, called Athena, and her friends, including Sydney Herbert.

Another group learnt about Florence’s tortoise and facts about the hospital in the Crimea. She used to the check over the patients at night holding a big lamp and so that is why she is called the Lady with the lamp.

The final group were looking at pictures showing things from hospitals in the old days and hospitals today. People had to sleep on the floor sometimes in the old days and there were rats running around. Sometimes they had to wait for two weeks for a bandage.

In the rooms that we visited there were pictures to look at and headphones to put on so we could listen to things. When we were leaving a soldier and Florence came to say goodbye.

The trip was really exciting, amazing, interesting, fascinating and was fun. We really enjoyed it.

Catalina and Ethan
Year 2